Sales and Direct Response Call Center Solutions

3D Communications understands that when you are selling a product you need to get the most revenue per call and the lowest cost per call. In today’s competitive market keeping cost down and still offering good service can be the competitive advantage that you need to stay ahead.  So where is the right balance between cost and being able to grow your sales.

With over 25 years of expericance 3D Communications can help you find the right balance to keep your costs low enough to grow and expand your business.  3D Communications offer one point of contact for all your telecommunication needs.  So no matter what you are looking to do to stay ahead of your competition 3D Communications can make sure you have the right soltion for your needs.

3D Communications can give your sales and direct response call center the power to:

  • Create a differentiated and profitable customer experience
  • Dramatically reduce operational costs and improve efficiency
  • Provide seamless and consistent service across channels and site locations
  • Understand your customers’ perspectives and feelings towards your services and products
  • Manage your workforce more profitably
  • Scale seats up and down on demand in response to market conditions or seasonal demands
  • Find the right balance between cost, profitability and what will satisfy your customers most

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