T1 Lines

If you manage a telecommunications company, chances are you’re familiar with the high costs associated with telecommunications. As your company expands, these costs only get worse — but the good news is, you’re not stuck with rising prices and more complicated installations. With a T1 line, you can not only decrease company costs, you can increase the efficiency of your company’s telecommunications.

What Are T1 Lines?

What, you might ask, is a T1 line? The T-carrier line was developed in the 1960s by Bell Labs, in a search for a quicker, more efficient, and cheaper solution to the telecommunication problems of the day. As opposed to the standard telephone line, which transmits voice and data at a slower 30kbps speed, T1 was developed to transmit at over 1.5Mbps, which is over 60 times the speed of the standard telephone wire. Generally, a T1 line is constructed of copper wiring, though, in today’s technology environment, it is becoming more commonplace to run T1 lines with fiber optic cable, which is strands of glass strung together, and used to transmit data through quick pulses of light.

What Are The Advantages Of T1 Lines?

You might wonder how such a simple upgrade as T1 might give you so many drastic improvements. Well, chances are, if you’ve got a call center, or even a bigger office, you’ve got various phone lines running into your office – and you’re paying for all of them. On top of this, you’re likely paying seperately for your internet connection, and probably sharing this connection with others. When all’s said and done, you can easily pay well over $1,000 for both telecommunications and internet charges. A T1 line helps you consolidate that. Not only will you receive, with a T1 line, a dedicated internet connection, but you’ll also replace all those phone lines with a single T1 line, giving you more than enough bandwidth for your company’s needs. So, not only is it easier for your customers to get ahold of you, but it’s easier for your employees to do their job. Your internet connection will be faster, which means your employees will get more done, and you’ll have a much more reliable connection than the alternatives. On top of all this, you’ll save hundreds, or sometimes even thousands, of dollars, per month, and address all of your company’s telecommunications needs.

Should We Switch to T1 Lines?

So, you know it’s a smart idea to switch over to T1, but you might be asking, who will honestly benefit greatly from the switch? You might be surprised to know that a large number of industries can reap great rewards from a T1 line, including call centers, automobile dealers, doctor’s and real estate offices, manufacturers, and schools. The truth is, if you run more than 6 telephone lines, or spend more than $700 for your telecommunications installation, you’re very likely to benefit from switching from traditional telephone wire to a more efficient T1 connection.

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