About Us

Company History

3D Communications™ was founded in 1986, and became the inter-mountain west’s largest privately held  full-service telecommunication hardware and services solution provider. We have evolved over the years but we continue to focus on providing our customers with innovative solutions to meet their telecommunications needs.  Where once we sold a significant amount of hardware, today we focus on:

  • Call Centers
  • Carrier Voice and Data Services
  • Cloud Based Telecommunications and Data Solutions
  • Wireless Voice and Data Solutions

Corporate Philosophy/Mission Statement

In a dynamic industry, with ever-changing technologies, 3D Communications™ provides valuable service and solutions to companies with vital telecommunication needs.

3D Communications™ serves as the key link between you and the major providers in the telecom industry. We provide consulting, education, and solutions that best fit your company’s unique needs. We pride ourselves in continual education to stay abreast of the latest and greatest technologies and pricing. 3D Communications™ is the one-stop shop for all your corporate voice and data needs.

We work for you, you pay us nothing for our services! A distinctive element that shapes our company and ensures that we provide the right solution for your telecommunications needs, is found in how we bill our clients, we don’t! We are different from traditional consultants, in that we do not bill our clients. We are unlike direct sales representatives who make a one time commission for a sale. We receive our compensation direct from the service providers and carriers we represent, month after month. Our incentive is to earn and retain your business, day in and day out!