Centralized Voice Mail

Voicemail has been around for a long time, but has come a long way since its introduction into the world. Many companies work with a centralized PBX, and may wonder, as they transition from traditional to VoIP systems, how the migration will affect their voicemail systems. As it turns out, VoIP has turned voicemail systems into a highly efficient, high-quality messaging system. It has opened the door for easier-to-interact prompting, both on the customer end, and on the agent end. In a day and age where many companies handle thousands of call, they might also wonder about capacity. The good news is, with a VoIP system, potential for voicemail capacity has skyrocketed to higher limits than could have ever been imagined years ago. The fact is, technology has enabled the business world to reach unimaginable limits. And no longer are the days of physical voicemail boxes in each cubicle or office. With today’s centralized telecommunications systems, it has become as easy as setting up the phone on the agent end, to get voicemail set up for said agent. They don’t need an extra key, nor do they need to learn fancy directions, to know how to control and manage their voicemail. The latest voicemail solutions make it easy not only for your customers to leave a message, but for your agents to listen to and manage said messages.

Among all the new features and offerings of the telecommunications world, it’s important to remember that not all voicemail systems are created equally. Though it seems such a simple thing, voicemail can improve immensely your company’s perceived reliability by your customers, as well as agent satisfaction in your company’s internal telecommunications offerings.

Sometimes, the simple things can make the greatest difference, and be the stepping stone your company needs to reach success. Remember, centralized voicemail is just as much a part of the telecommunications formula as everything else, and deserves your attention — and 3DCommunications is here to assist you in finding the best deals and matches for your company’s needs.

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