Distributed Offices

In today’s world, company needs have become so immense that it has become difficult, if not impossible, for most companies, in the long run, to base all of their operations out of one central office. Whether you are outsourcing your call center, extending your warehousing, or simply opening up satellite offices, one of the greatest challenges in management is to direct so many different teams as though they were one. Unifying separated offices can be an immense challenge, but not an impossibility. Today, there are many solutions available to help bring all of your company up to speed, and keep them on the same page.

One of the most important aspects of a distributed office is the collaborative efforts. Thankfully, there are immense resources to assist in collaboration. Cutting-edge software allows two different teams in two different locations to collaborate on the same project as though they were together. No more are the mis-managements that cause duplicated, and lost, work, inefficiencies or miscommunications. In the click of a button, your offices can update progress on a project, and broadcast said progress to all other offices. Messages can be recorded and sent to help others understand work done, and to-do lists can be generated for others to assist in.

Aside from collaboration, communication is also an essential in distributed office management. One thing you cannot forget is the links between your employees that must exist. And, in many cases, these links must go far beyond a simple instant message. With cutting-edge SIP trunking and VoIP technology, necessities such as videoconferencing are at your fingertips. It has become as easy as a phone call to communicate with someone as though they were there. And, not only can such technologies take advantage of video conferencing, they can also manage other data transfers, making it simple to not only communicate by words, but by work.

A distributed office may seem like a hassle to establish, and impossible to manage, but, truth be told, when you have assistance, it becomes much easier. Luckily, 3DCommunications has much expertise in the field of distributed office management, and can help you no matter what situation you find yourself in. It’s as simple as a phone call to receive assistance in knowing where you need to go, and what you need to do, to establish your business solidly.

So, don’t waste time in trying to piece things together yourself. Get some help from those who have been working for years in the field, and your decision will pay off very quickly.

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