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Any one of us can agree, out of all the things that can make or break a contact center call, the IVR is right up at the top. Those first few seconds of a customer’s call in are some of the most crucial, yet so often, IVR service is either non-existent, or, even worse, poorly established, confusing or unintentionally misleading customers, and making bad situations even worse. A good IVR, however, can give customers some of the best impressions of an establishment, and, in many cases, can save immense amounts of money in unnecessary employee costs.

You might ask, what is an IVR? IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is an automated interactive layer, in telecommunications, between the customer and the company, which allows the customer to address his or her needs without the need for a live agent. IVR systems come in many shapes and forms, though, in these days, it is becoming more and more common to see IVRs as voice-automated systems. Great examples of such systems can be credit card customer service lines, which can, in many cases, allow customers to address most customer service needs with the system, throughout the entire phone call, without ever requiring a live agent’s assistance. As can be assumed, an IVR can do wonders for a company’s limited budget. There are also touchtone IVRs, which allow the customer to simply enter in responses with the keypad. Though such systems can appear more inconvenient, they can also be more accurate, thus giving the customer a greater satisfaction with the phone experience. Complexities of the system can also range, from whether the system will only be used to redirect customers to the right department, or to allow customers to access and modify account details.

The good news is, 3DCommunications can assist wth your IVR needs. In a world with many necessities, it can be easy to justify going it alone on picking, installing and maintaining an IVR system, but you need help, and we can find that help for you. We are experienced in finding the best IVR systems for your needs, and not only that, helping you understand what needs to be done to establish and maintain a good IVR.

You need to decide, first off, with your IVR, what your needs are. Do your customers need to talk to live agents, or can they get what they need done through a machine? How complex do you want to get? Speech recognition, for example, can be excellent, if done right, but if you’re on a limited budget, you might want to stick with a system more strict to keypad input. There are many other factors, as well, that come into play when selecting and installing an IVR for your company.

3DCommunications is very familiar with such needs, however, and is available to help you find what will work best for you.  See what 3D Communications can do for you.

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