MPLS Networks

Multiprotocol Label Switching, or MPLS, is a technology that has existed for years in the tech world. It was initially created as a way to speed up certain network functions at the time, that have, since then, been improved upon vastly. It holds today, however, many highly valuable benefits for various types of businesses.

The Problem – Network Congestion

If you’re in any sort of business which requires a more complex internal network, particularly with aspects such as VoIP, or VPNs, a problem you may notice fairly quickly is that of congestion. After so much traffic is being received and sent, especially in peak hours of the day, the network performance simply begins to diminish. In more severe cases, calls can be lost, sites fail to load, and delays may be immense. Your company’s productivity decreases, and you lose ground. This is an unfortunate reality for many businesses, both small and large, and in a world where you need to have both speed and reliability, such delays are unacceptable.

MPLS Networks – The Solution

MPLS networks seek to solve such problems by alleviating the load commonly placed on network traffic. Through the networking system, different types of transmitted data are sent seperate one from another, and treated differently, according to priority. For example, it may be that at certain hours of the day you require a greater allocation of bandwidth for voice than you will for data. MPLS will recognize that need as it occurs, and automatically prioritize, so that you don’t lose your most important traffic at the most important moments. It also seeks to improve efficiency of traffic in general, by transmitting the data over a more redundant, reliable, and efficient network. This means your data will have to take less “turns” before it gets to where it needs to go – and what it means for your company is not only a greater amount of speed and efficiency, but also reliability. And if your business makes extensive use of VPNs, you’ve got no need to worry, for one of the ways MPLS stands out is in its extensive support of VPNs without hardly any overhead. It also does so in a manner that’s much more cost-efficient and reliable than the alternatives.

If you’ve got a medium-to-large-scale business network, or even a small-scale network with potential to expand anytime in the future, it’s worth it to look into MPLS as an infrastructure for your company’s network. Not only will it save you headaches now, it could save you immense amounts of time and money in the future, because, not only will you gain the efficiency and reliability of an MPLS network, you will gain the assurance and peace of mind that, no matter where your company goes, your network capacity can, and will, go with it.

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