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If you are looking for hosted call center software and technology, 3D Communications is the single best source in the country.

The Best In The Country at Hosted Call Centers?

3D Communications has been in the call center business since 1987.  We have supplied call center technologies to some of the leading call centers in the nation.  One of our companies developed the pioneering hosted contact center software which was eventually sold to inContact, and became the heart of their hosted call center offering.  We invented some of the major technologies utilized in state-of-the-art call centers today. We have sold contact center technologies to a major PBX manufacturer.  Individuals on our team have been awarded multiple patents for call center technologies.  Over the past three decades, we have consulted with, and provided contact center technology to thousands of worldwide call/contact centers.

What are we Up To Today

TugBoatToday, 3D Communications is the leading multi-vendor supplier of hosted (or cloud based) contact center technologies.  Since we represent all of the major product offerings, we are in a unique position to help you find the best solution for your needs.  You could independently go to each of the vendors in the space, but why would you.  3D Communications knows the ins and outs of each of the major vendors.  We know how to negotiate the best price with them.  We understand the compromises that are made by each call center technology provider and can help you navigate the process of finding the best solution for your needs.  You generally pay us nothing for our services.  In most cases, the vendors pay us a sales commission for helping you make the selection.  With 3D Communications you will get the best pricing, the best solution, and professional consulting.  We are also authorized agents for many other telecommunications services, and can help you on everything from a hosted PBX to a T1 line.

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